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Getting pre-qualified should be the very first step of the home-buying process. It lets your real estate agent know that you are a serious buyer, therefore she is using her time effectively by helping people who truly need help finding a home. For the serious buyer, you need to get pre-qualified so that you will know what price range you need to be looking in. Why waste your time looking at a home that is beyond your price point? Getting pre-qualified allows your Realtor to find a home that meets your criteria and also your pocket book.

Next, think about the seller who spends countless hours preparing for showings, as well as the inconvenience of leaving their homes several times a week. The seller needs to feel secure that the agent is showing qualified prospects that could potentially purchase their home. This is courtesy to the seller, although some sellers require that their homes only be shown to qualified buyers. Getting pre-qualified saves you, the real estate agent, and the seller time and energy that could be otherwise wasted.How do I get pre-qualified?

How Do I Get Pre-qualified?

Getting pre-qualified only takes about 10 minutes over the phone by answering some questions about your debt and income. Here are some great lenders that I work with...

Premier Nationwide Lending

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Erik Maya
O: 281-447-2377

AmCap Lending

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Choose Kristi Hernandez or David Clark as loan officer when applying.

Kristi Hernandez David Clark
O: 281-812-8123 O: 281-812-8211